Kiwi Chef v Butter

Comparing KC 400 Versus Butter

Melting point
Butter: 32/35°c
KC 400: 34/37°c

Taste profile in finished products
KC 400 provides a more rounded flavour profile in finished products. KC 400 has a more consistent flavour throughout the year than butter.

Creaming ability
KC 400 used in butter creams will cream faster and hold its structure for longer.

Bake stability
KC 400 improves crumb softness.

Freeze Thaw
KC 400 enhances the freeze - thaw stability of finished products.

Shelf life
KC 400 improves product stability and extending the shelf life of finished products.

When looking at the textures and consistency of food produced when you are using Kiwi Chef, you will note:

  • a crumb that is flavourful and consistent with items produced with butter, only softer yet more structured (meaning a biscuit will hold its shape better than butter, but will have a softer feel in the mouth, taste-wise)
  • an icing that has a depth of flavour that surpasses butter
  • a buttercream that stores, freezes and thaws better than butter
  • a buttercream that is produced faster than when made with butter
  • a pastry that can be produced for immediate and future use and stored at room temperature without loosing sound malleability, as well as frozen and thawed without sacrificing quality or plasticity
  • a baked pastry that has density without 'the stodge' i.e. depth of flavour
  • a baked pastry that does not leave that 'filmy' butter feeling in the mouth
  • an ingredient that replaces butter, but does not sacrifice butter flavour

Transporting food goods produced with Kiwi Chef will ensure continued professional appearance to off-site events. On-site, you can be confident in producing goods to a longer timeline, given Kiwi Chef:

  • Is completely stable at room temperature (not to be stored; fridge or freezer only) yet retains quality and structure at frozen temperatures
  • Has a high melt point, therefore finished products can be stored with ease
  • Is low in lactose, therefore risk of rancidity is heavily reduced (appropriate storage conditions will ensure an 18 month shelf-life for Kiwi Chef)
  • Also has the capacity to replace alternative fats, as opposed to solely replacing butter. The high smoke point, coupled with Kiwi Chef's stable structure lends itself to producing goods beyond the baking realm